Anime Feminist launched on October 11, 2016 with three goals:

  1. Become a hub for the kinds of feminist critique we, as feminist anime and manga fans, wanted to see.
  2. Create a welcoming, inclusive space from which to support and signal-boost under-represented perspectives.
  3. Pay everyone fairly for their work.

Within a year, Anime Feminist met or exceeded every one of these goals, and is now a respected platform within the English-speaking anime and manga fan community.

Our goal with this shop is twofold:


  • 1. To provide AniFem with an additional revenue source so we can give our editors and contributors a pay raise and expand the site’s content.
  • 2. To hire and promote marginalized artists to create a variety of designs for the progressive nerd on-the-go.
  • Check out our work at our website: